Corporate Internet-Banking

  DEMIR Net - Internet-Banking is a secure online banking system that provides you with a modern and reliable way of working with a bank.

DEMIR Net - Internet-Banking provides you with a real-time access to your bank accounts from any part of the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To become a user of DEMIR Net - Internet-Banking you need to:
Have an account with Demir Kyrgyz International Bank CJSC
Fill out and sign an application and agreement for using banking services via Internet
Receive a PIN code in the Bank

Technical requirements:
1. Browser - Internet Explorer 8 and above

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Hereby we inform you that a new possibility of making payments through the SWIFT system was implemented in Internet Banking.

  Please, do not reply to e-mails, that request above information to have access to DKIB Internet- Banking, since Demir Kyrgyz International Bank never sends such kind of e-mails. Please, change your User name, Password and PIN code regularly.